Brand Identity the Glow way:

Your company’s brand is its strongest asset and should reflect your company’s distinct personality.

Your brand identity will be key in delivering your brand consistently across all channels, both on and offline and is so much more than a logo, colour palette or slogan. A brand should reflect what you stand for, the promises you make and your personality. It’s what people say about you when you leave a room!

Branding Stategy

Brand Strategy:

We can articulate the traits and emotional benefits of your company, your products and services and how they appear to your audience.

Branding Brand Name

Brand Name:

We investigate the brand strategy and create a shortlist of names to meet your brand and business needs.

Branding Logo Design

Logo Design:

Using information from the brand strategy research, your competition and target market, we can develop a logo that looks great on everything from outdoor signage to business cards and online web banners.

Branding Corporate Literature

Corporate Literature:

We can translate your vision and values into highly functional design pieces that shout your message loud and clear.

Branding Digital

Digital Design:

We can develop and enhance your designs to build stunning the glow websites, social media banners and animations that will engage your online audiences.

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