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If you’re a little bit sick of hearing all about the various new fitness regimes you can start or the healthy diets you can follow, or giving up alcohol for a month (really? Why make January more miserable?) then you are not alone, we feel it too. Detox this, smoothie that, we agree it’s a nice thought, but sometimes, are we not just setting ourselves up to fail? Deep down, we know that come February (if not before) we will have forgotten exactly what we were trying to detox and there is nothing left in the cupboards to blend into a smoothie, other than some cheese crackers and some stale panettone (as if it wasn’t stale enough already).

So why do we do it to ourselves? Sometimes the old ways are the best ways, within reason of course, we’re not suggesting we start making water pipes of lead again or give school children mercury to play with, but rather than creating something new, maybe it’s time to think back to something in the past that was good. We had an example of this at Glow in the last few months.

Glow had an ‘away day’ in October to have a bit of a brainstorm, think about how to move forward, discuss what’s not worked so well and what has. For the benefit of new members of the team, one of our directors gave an overview of ‘the history of Glow’. Apart from revealing some highly embarrassing photographs of the team from 15 years ago, it also reminded us of procedures, campaigns and ideas that were once in place, worked really well and then for some reason got left behind. We chatted them through and for a few, it was decided that we would start to implement them again. They may need to go through a bit of a rejuvenation to bring them back into the right decade, but actually they may be more relevant and successful now than they were way back when.

We are constantly trying to think of new ideas, the next big thing or the big money maker, but sometimes we need to dig deep into our memories and find that we had the answer a long time ago. So, instead of making all these new year’s resolutions, try and revisit some old intentions, work with what you’ve got, not what you want and you may find these are a bit more achievable.

It’s just a thought, you don’t have to listen to us, but we are here to help. If you need a hand digging around to find the ideas that could work for you, we’d be more than happy to sit in on a brainstorm or a marketing meeting of yours, just to add a fresh pair of ears or two!

Happy New Year from all of us at Glow, we hope it’s successful for all of you and full of cake.

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