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Christmas, it seems, tends to be about nostalgia. We talk about Christmases past and reminisce about the things that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. The childhood memories, family traditions, the sights, smells and sounds that take us right back. There is always at least one Christmas song that resonates with us and triggers sentiment, or maybe it’s the smell of the decorations when they first come out of the box that shouts CHRISTMAS at us so loudly. But why is going back so special? Why do we never tend to think ahead to future festive family gatherings and what they could bring?

Just a quick look at the TV guide during the festive season screams nostalgia from the pages. Old films, re-runs of comedy classics, reunions of favourite characters, all in a bid to take us back there, back to the times that were good and happy and wrap us up with an enormous festive hug.

And then the New Year hits.

January. It’s cold, often a bit miserable. The decorations come down, the fun stops, we go back to school and work and there is a distinctive shift in attitude. Do we make Christmas so warm and fuzzy just so January is such an enormous come down? That’s just not right! It’s like your parents gate crashing the best party half way through, turning on the lights, turning off the music and sending everyone home. Sad faces.

It seems cruel to be merry and bright for just those two to three weeks. It should be an all year round kind of thing. We’re not suggesting ‘Christmas’ should be all round, just the feeling. The goodwill to all men (and women and children of course, but for the sake of artistic licence), the generosity, the warm and fuzzy feelings – why can’t we have more of that?

We can. It’s just that we’ve got into this routine that is dictated by….no-one. So who’s to say we can’t change it. There’s nothing wrong with reminiscing and thinking back to the good old days. You’ve heard the phrase ‘it’s an oldie but a goodie’ and sometimes that’s absolutely true. We don’t need to constantly be looking to try the next best thing or come up with a brand new hairbrained idea. Sometimes the old ones are the best.

We have adopted this in the studio too. As well as trying to think of new ideas, we look back at the old ones. If they worked, why not try them again, we can always update them a little if required. It’s also for us, not just for our clients. We bring back the good old days with various internal procedures that may seem a bit old fashioned sometimes, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

So maybe it’s time to reminisce a little. Talk about the old times, the stuff that takes us back, makes us feel young again and bring some of it back. Don’t be in such a hurry to come up with something spanking new, wishing time away and speeding through the year to the future. The past is our future.

What about the warm fuzzy feelings? Well maybe a business development procedure won’t give you that, but if you can do it with a smile, some goodwill and merriment perhaps it might. Try and remember your festive feelings and don’t let yourself be brought down by the person who says that because it’s January, you must be gloomy. There is no such person, they don’t exist – only in your head.

Eat, drink and be merry all year round and have a good one.

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