Following the demerger of the Raymond Brown Group in August 2016, Glow was tasked with coming up with a new name and brand identity for the construction company, that reflected its heritage and values.

The new name, Knights Brown, combines connotations of trust, loyalty, courage and honour which sit very well with their existing reputation.

Officially launched on 1 September 2017, we’ve been working with the Knights Brown team to roll the brand out across all stationery, literature, digital banners, website, clothing, and vehicles. We’ve also produced a set of comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure the new brand is embedded consistently across all sites.

The result:

“The rebrand has involved a lot of different elements. It started with helping us come up with a name and encouraging our aspirations to do something different. This lead on to creating the materials to support our employee and customer launches, and developing a new website, the designs for which reflect our new brand beautifully.“

Kate Cusack, Communications Manager
Knights Brown



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